Google’s ‘Game Builder’ is a free video game where anyone can build 3D games

Playing video games is fun. You know what’s more fun? Building one. The only hurdle is the steep learning curve to build games (which has in fact reduced incredibly now) and coming up with a fresh idea. If you’re sorted with the latter, Google has taken care of the former with a suitable software for you, or rather a video game.

Google’s ‘Game Builder’ is a free video game where anyone can build 3D games

Game Builder is a video game for PC and Mac that lets you build any kind of 3D game using simple drag-and-drop tools. Google has created a “card-based visual programming system” that lets users create all kinds of objects and give them motion or whatever they’d like from the drag-and-drop cards. There’s no coding required and no messing with Javascript. However, it’s optional if you wish to get into the granular mechanics and want more control over everything.

Users won’t have to worry about creating their own 3D models or objects to use for their game. Game Builder has its own ‘Creation Library’ or they can search for 3D models on Google Poly, Google’s own library of 3D models. Whether it’s an FPS game or a simple , the game supports both the genres.

The game comes from Area 120, Google’s special workshop with experimental projects. Game Builder has been available on  in early access since November last year, but the company has now announced the existence of the game publicly in a Google Blog post.

It takes the Minecraft approach of building, so if you’ve played that game, it will be comparatively easier to catch up and build your own game. Another interesting feature about the game is that it supports multiplayer. This means 3D games can be built collaboratively with your friends.

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Game Builder has a ‘Very Positive’ rating on Steam and after going through the reviews, it seems like the game is fun and a great choice for beginners who would like to try their hands out in creating a game for the first time without any experience. Although the idea sounds quite promising, we’ll get a better idea when we try it out ourselves.

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