GTA 6 Florida and Cuba setting rumor has been debunked

While fans are ravenous for any GTA 6 news, not all that glitters is gold when it comes to GTA 6 rumors. So it’s no surprise that yet another major GTA 6 has been debunked.

The rumor originally appeared on a post on The Medium, by a poster called Tim McDowell who wrote a ‘deep dive’ on the (proven to be accurate) rumors around Red Dead Redemption 2. The piece also included images from 4Chan with apparently ‘leaked’ details about GTA 6. These details claimed the game would be set in Cuba and , and echoed leaker Tom Henderson’s claims the next GTA will have a female protagonist.

But, after a suspicious fan (ADropInTheOcean) on the GTA forums did some digging, they found that the post was full of false information and the images had been photoshopped. Essentially, the whole article has been a troll. Seemingly realizing they had been found out, McDowell has since updated The Medium article to a meme.

Rumors galore

There are a multitude of false GTA 6 rumors flying around right now from a variety of sources. You can assume that most are fake, given that the information in these rumors ranges from the game being set in London to Rio to Miami.

McDowell’s (or whatever their real name is) fake is one of the more elaborate we’ve seen, though we previously spoke to a YouTuber who pulled off a fake GTA 6 announcement.

While GTA fans will be clamoring for any GTA 6 news or rumors they can find, it’s worth being wary of any rumors unless they’ve been confirmed by Rockstar Games itself. But while Take-Two Interactive is attending E3 2021 this year, we don’t expect any firm news on GTA 6 as Rockstar will likely focus on sharing details about GTA 5 on PS5 and Xbox Series X, which is landing this November.

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