Get Ready for ‘GTA Online’ Halloween Content

“GTA Online” will release new content that will surely excite the fans. Many players, who are exploring the popular action-adventure game, leaked some of the sweet Halloween-themed updates, including extra mission rewards.

A Twitter user, under the name Tez2, revealed that the open-world game's 2020 Halloween content is now available, just before Rockstar Newswire released the official post. Although the tweet didn't show all of “GTA Online” offerings, it still leaked some Adversary Modes, the ones you choose through the game's jobs menu.

PC Games reported that the update will also let players enjoy the offered double in-game RP and . “Grand Theft Auto Online” will also feature the S80RR podium vehicle, an endurance racer from the game's Diamond Casino and Resort update.

‘GTA Online' exciting treats this week

The popular game also brings additional goodies, such as triple in-game and RP for Free Roam events. Slasher Adversary Modes, Bunker Diamond, and Missile Base are also included.
'GTA Online' Will Bring You Halloween Goodies and $1 Million Free Cash! Are You Ready for It?

“GTA Online” has also revived the limited-time peyote plants. This means that players will now see random animal transformations once more. The update could also add additional land-based and sea-based animals to the list. However, Rockstar hasn't released any confirmation yet.

$1 Million free cash is on your way!

On the other hand, players will also have the chance to receive $1 in cash because of the game's update. However, there are two things that you should remember before getting too hyped up.

First, the offered cash is not real money. This is very important since some players are fooled that they'll really have real-life $1 million. Second, the treat is only available to those players who own PlayStation 4 with an active PlayStation Plus subscription.

Sorry to say, Xbox and PC players won't have any free cash as of the moment. LADBIBLE reported that the game's developer hadn't released any statements yet why it is exclusive to PS4 players. However, if you have all the requirements, all you need to do is log in to GTA Online and wait until you receive the $1 million in your in-game account.

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