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As players progress from one year to the next in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, they will discover a variety of ways to earn free energy in the game. However, some players may not be aware of all the different ways they can get free energy in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, so we’ve collected all the proven methods in one convenient location.

Free Energy Reserves

harry potter hogwarts mystery out of energy screen

The main way players will get free energy in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is by periodically tapping on the free energy reserves spread out across the game. As of the time of this writing, there are a total of 10 free energy reserves that players can tap on, with the most recent addition being the spiderweb to the left of the Spider’s Lair in the Forbidden Forest.

Keep in mind that players won’t have access to all of these free energy reserves at the start because some areas have to be unlocked by progressing through the game. Lower Floor (East) will be unlocked when players reach Year 2, and Hogsmeade is unlocked when players reach Year 3. Year 4 students can unlock the Forbidden Forest, but they have to progress about a quarter of the way through the year before it becomes available to them.

Some of these energy reserves can be tapped a few times a day, whereas others can only be tapped once or twice a day. Players should make it a habit of moving around the castle to see if any of these energy reserves are available, especially if they’re trying to finish a class or story quest.

  • East Towers – Empty painting to the left of the Charms Classroom
  • East Towers – Peeves the Poltergeist in between the Astronomy Tower and Divination Classroom
  • West Towers – Flower painting to the left of the Prefects’ Bathroom
  • Lower Floor (West) – Torch to the right of the Great Hall
  • Lower Floor (West) – Middle suit of armor to the right of the Great Hall
  • Dungeons – House Elf leaning against the wall in front of the Kitchens
  • Castle Grounds – Stick on the ground in front of Hagrid’s Hut
  • Lower Floor (East) – Stack of books on the concrete bench between the Library and History of Magic Classroom
  • Hogsmeade – Student on the sled in the alley between The Three Broomsticks and Honeydukes
  • Forbidden Forest – Spiderweb to the left of the Spider’s Lair

Waking Pets

harry potter hogwarts mystery adds pets owl

Recently, developer Jam City delivered on its promises and added the ability to adopt pets to Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, with players able to choose from a rat, a cat, a toad, and an owl. These pets cost gems, and are rather expensive, but players can technically earn them in-game without spending any real money.

Pets are similar to the aforementioned free energy reserves, with some key differences. For one, players can take one pet with them on their adventures at a time, making it essentially a portable energy reserve. Other pets will be kept in the player’s dormitory, and like the free energy reserves, can be tapped on periodically throughout the day for free energy.

Another big difference when it comes to pets and free energy is that the free energy from pets stack with full energy meters. Usually free energy reserves only work if players don’t have full energy, but with pets, players can build up their energy total beyond their limit. This is useful for players to make sure they have as much energy as possible whenever new story content is released.

Friend Encounters

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery special rewards tease

Friend encounters are another way players can earn free energy in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. By interacting with friends in the various activities that are available, players can earn XP to then level up their friendship with that particular friend. At certain levels, leveling these friends will reward players with free energy, ranging from +5 energy bits all the way to +15.

Not all friend encounter levels will gift players with free energy (some come with free gems or cosmetic items instead), so players should keep that in mind. It’s also worth noting that energy from friend encounters, similarly to energy gained from pets, will actually let players go beyond their energy limit.


Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Pyjama Party quest loot

Yet another way players can get free energy in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is by watching ads. Jam City recently added the ability to watch 30-second ads in the game in exchange for three energy bits or three gems. While there’s an icon on the screen that shows up periodically throughout the day when it comes to watching ads for gems, those who want to get free energy from ads will actually need to exhaust their energy supply, as they’re only given the opportunity when completely out of energy. Like getting free gems from watching ads, though, this opportunity is only available a few times each day.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery microtransactions discount

To date, these are all the ways players can get free energy in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. However, Jam City has shown a willingness to keep adding new ways to get energy to the game, so fans should expect future updates to add even more ways to get free energy.

In fact, each year has added a brand new location that players can explore to get free energy. Year 2 added Lower Floor (East), Year 3 added Hogsmeade, and Year 4 added the Forbidden Forest. It’s hard to say what the next major location will be in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, but players should find out as we get closer to Year 5.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is out now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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