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Potter: Hogwarts ‘s Spirit of Fashion has come to a close, but Jam City has quickly added a new event for fans of the mobile game. For the next five days or so, players can once again participate in the Duelling , which allows them to take on opponents in exchange for various rewards.

This version of the Duelling Club in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery gives players four energy bits whenever they win a duel, and gives them the chance to win five different prizes. If players win two matches, they will earn a new pair of pants, and at four wins, they will earn 20 energy bits. Players who manage to rack up six wins will get 2,000 coins, and at eight wins, they will get 30 energy bits. Anyone who is able to win 10 duels while the Duelling Club event is active will earn a new top to customize their avatar with.

Unfortunately, it doesn't appear as though this new version of the Duelling Club fixes the main problem players had with the original iteration. For the uninitiated, players are given three tickets to participate in the Duelling Club event and if they lose a duel, they lose one of their tickets. When they're out of tickets, the only way players can get more is by buying them with gems.

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Gems are the primary currency in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, and while they can be earned in-game by watching ads or completing objectives, the only way to amass a sizable amount is by spending real money. Combine this with the fact that gems can be spent on more important things in-game (like expensive pets and energy bits), and it's no surprise that fans are upset at the way Duelling Club is handled.

Others take issue with other aspects of the Duelling Club event. For example, some fans don't like that Duelling Club is a limited-time event as opposed to a permanent feature. This means that outside of the Duelling Club event, players can only duel others in specific story situations.

It's clear that Jam City still has a lot to fix when it comes to the Duelling Club if it hopes to please fans. Whether or not any changes will be made with future iterations remains to be seen, however.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is out now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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