Harry Potter: Wizards Unite How to Get Scrolls and Spellbooks

In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, players can use consumables called and to unlock new skills. These come into play once players have chosen a character class known as a Profession and there may be passive skills which are always in effect when a player enters into battle or an active ability that players can enable.

How to Get Scrolls

Out of Scrolls and Spellbooks, Scrolls are the easier consumable to find in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. One way that players can get Scrolls is by defeating Confoundables and adding Foundables to their Registry. When players add a Foundable to the Registry, they’ll be given a chest. Open up this chest and there will often be a Scroll inside it.

Taking down Confoundables isn’t the easiest thing. Players have to try and be speedy and accurate to complete Traces or they will have to recast the spell and use up more of their Spell Energy, which is a precious resource in the game.

The other way that players can get Scrolls is by completing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite‘s daily challenges. Every day, the game will give players challenges to complete and these are often very simple tasks. Players may be tasked with doing things such as dining at an Inn or picking up a Portkey. Completing these challenges will reward players with Gold, XP, and often gives them Scrolls too. As most challenges are just part of normal gameplay, completing them and hoovering up those free drops is quick and easy to do.

How to Get Spellbooks

Spellbooks are much harder to come by in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. In the latter parts of the Profession’s skill tree, known as a Lesson, unlocking new skills can use up many Spellbooks, making the grind for the consumable that much more important.

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To get more Spellbooks, players must complete Fortress battles. Fortresses are five-player dungeons with different stages and levels of difficulty. The higher a player or a group of players go, the better the rewards but the more difficult it will get. It’s worth teaming up with other players to take on these Fortresses as the chests that players get can be very rewarding, offering players more Spellbooks. Fortresses may not be so easy, but the difficulty and the teamwork needed to beat the tougher stages are part of the fun.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is available on Android and iOS devices in some regions.

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