Hitman 3: How to Get Greenhouse Key in Dartmoor

gives Agent 47 various options to break into an entrance and in , entering the greenhouse can be done by finding a .

Hitman 3 by IO Interactive was just released and this latest installment is Agent 47’s biggest outing, yet. The Hitman games are known for their multiple pathways to finding the target and this feature comes in spades with this sequel. Yes, players can go through the levels guns blazing,  but players in Hitman 3 knows that this should be the last resort. Picking locks and sneaking through windows is one strategy, but sometimes finding a good old-fashioned key to open a door is the best approach to stealthily sneak into an area.

The Dartmoor Level in Hitman 3 is widely considered the most memorable in the game. Agent 47 needs to disguise himself as a private investigator and play a part during an active murder mystery. Players can choose to actually solve the case or simply take out the target and leave it in classic Hitman fashion. Whatever the case, in order to find all the clues, players will need to get into the greenhouse that’s out in the backside of the house. Annoyingly enough, players will find that the door is locked and they’ll need to locate the key that’s hidden somewhere within this thick and bustling map.

Starting off, players will need to find a way to Emma’s and Gregory’s room. Poking around, players will find that there’s a greenhouse key chain laying in there. This will signify that Emma has the key and the next natural step is for players to hunt down Emma and subdue her. The best way to do this is to follow her into the salon on the ground floor. She’ll engage in conversation with Gregory for a little while, then she’ll make her way to the window which is when players should strike. After that, players can just simply pluck the key off her and walk over to the greenhouse to quietly enter it.

If players want to keep Emma awake, there are a couple of alternatives to getting into the greenhouse. Seasoned players should have a picklock in their inventory. If they do, then it’ll open the door quietly. Another way to get in is by using a crowbar that’s found behind the crate by the building. Plus, if players manage to snag the master key in Fernby’s office, this key will also open the door. So, if players want to go the traditional Hitman approach and just break the door open using the crowbar, it’s advised to distract the guards because they’re everywhere around this area.

Once players finally manage to get into the greenhouse, they will find that it’s riddled with clues. There are sundry plants that someone can utilize to create a poison. Therefore, this enables Agent 47 to solve the mystery, if players so choose. On top of that, the greenhouse also holds the key for the boat. This will give players an additional exit point to escape the mansion once the mission is accomplished.

Hitman 3 is available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

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