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While many gamers may consider “microtransaction” to be a dirty word, the reality of the situation is that microtransactions are here to stay, as they are useful in funding new developments and post-launch content. However, some games are unnecessarily aggressive with the revenue-raising tactic, so players may be glad to hear Anthem‘s executive producer Mark Darrah discuss the issue.

First off, it’s worth mentioning that Darrah’s discussion on microtransactions was brief, and he said it would be expanded upon closer to the official launch of Anthem. However, the big details he revealed were that the online action role-playing game would not feature loot boxes and will have no ability to pay for power, commonly referred to as pay-to-win.

Many gamers are likely to be relieved to hear this, as loot boxes have been entrenched in the microtransaction scandal since the beginning. It’s even worth mentioning that some countries have declared loot boxes as unlawful gambling, so this isn’t too surprising. As far as microtransactions that Anthem would contain, Darrah discussed cosmetics.

Cosmetic and vanity items that have no actual impact on gameplay seem to be on the docket, though Darrah also mentioned players would be well aware of what they were purchasing before spending any money. In other words, the game will not contain any “blind drops.” Of course, it’s entirely possible that this non-aggressive approach to microtransactions could change in the coming months, but that doesn’t seem likely.

This is only the latest news in BioWare paying attention to the growing desires of its Anthem community, with the video game developer recently adding a floating damage number opacity and size toggle following fan feedback that they were too obnoxious. If BioWare continues with this attention to its community, it’s likely the company avoids another Mass Effect Andromeda fiasco, which is beneficial for both the developer and the gamers who purchase Anthem.

Anthem releases February 22, 2019, for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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