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Destiny 2’s big summer event is the Solstice of Heroes event, which kicks off at the end of July. The Solstice of Heroes event marks a time of recollection and celebration of the journey Guardians have taken since the launch of Destiny 2. Players will be able to earn plenty of new gear during the event.

Solstice of Heroes ties closely with this year’s Moments of Triumph, which will award players with new ghosts, sparrows, and a code for this year’s Moments of Triumph t-shirt. While many players have already started grinding out their Triumphs, the final five Triumphs will be relating to Solstice of Heroes.

The event will allow players to repay certain story missions at a higher difficulty to earn 400 power level armor. The five story missions are: Homecoming, Spark, Payback, 1AU, and Chosen. These missions will be much harder than the original versions, and will feature new enemies. Players will be upgrading the ceremonial Solstice of Heroes armor as they complete these missions – the last update making the armor 400 power level. This will be the only way to earn 400 power armor prior to Forsaken, while the Prestige Raid Lairs will be the only way to earn 400 power weapons before Forsaken.

destiny 2 solstice of heroes summer event moments of triumph eververse gear

A new Eververse engram will be available during Solstice of Heroes, which will decrypt a new item every time until all new cosmetic drops have been unlocked. The Solstice Engrams will drop alongside Prototype Engrams, so fans don’t need to worry about losing out on loot. These engrams will also feature a new item, Armor Glow. This can be applied to the Solstice of Heroes armor, and will glow if players are using the corresponding subclass.

When Solstice of Heroes launches on July 31, a statue will appear in the Tower which will be the vendor for Moments of Triumph and Solstice of Heroes bounties. This will also be where players redeem the bounties for rewards. Players that want to unlock as many rewards as possible right away will want to get started on the Triumphs now. These tasks range from completing the three story campaigns, to finding all 45 hidden memory fragments. Judging by the screenshots of the loot so far, fans and collectors may want to get started to make sure they get all the gear in time.

Destiny 2: Forsaken launches September 4 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie

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