How Google Stadia can still compete next year and beyond

Google will never be successful. If Google really wanted to with Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, Stadia would have a disc drive.

Then on top of that Google has no games that people want for Stadia. Google should have invested in first party games, before they ever brought out a system.

Even Amazon has talked about joining the console market and we just were shown the game New World. Plus Amazon even killed Double Helix Games.

So if Amazon has barely been able to bring games out, can’t bring a console out, do people really believe Google that doesn’t allow you to Own your games with Stadia really believe a console with exclusives, let alone there is no exclusives with Stadia, really believe Google will continue to waste money on This? Then find a way to make Stadia successful, when Xbox Series X, plus PS5 come out this , because if so I’m truly sorry for you.


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