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The final challenges for season 4 are here and they include a few tricky tasks for players to complete.

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Fortnite’s current season is set to end on Wednesday next week with season 5 getting underway on Thursday.

Players have until then to finish their weekly challenges and progress through the rest of their Battle Pass.

All weekly tasks stay active until the end of the season so you still have time to complete them.

By completing the tasks over the 10 weeks players can get bonus XP to help them progress through the 100 tiers of the season 4 Battle Pass.

How to complete the search between movie titles challenge

You can find the three movie titles by going to Risky Reels, where you will see the sign advertising White Lion, The Orange Crusher and TV Dreams.

This gives the clue that you will need to search between a white lion, an orange crusher and a TV.

All of these locations can be found in the north west area of the map and leads you to a spot east of Junk Junction, near the new soccer stadium.

You will need to go here and a Battle Star will then appear for you to collect, we have circled the location in the map below.

(Epic Games)

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