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It’s a wonderful world, with a possible humanitarian crisis. The first teaser for Nickelodeon’s Wonder Park looks whimsical and gorgeous. But it’s also a bit… disturbing. Seriously, where did all these people come from? I’m gonna need to ask you a few questions, monkey.

Nickelodeon has unveiled its first look at Wonder Park, a story about a magical amusement park hidden in the woods that’s run by talking animals. The once-abandoned park — strangely called Wonderland instead of the film’s actual title — is brought back to life after being visited by a 12-year-old girl named June.

You don’t see much else in the trailer by way of plot or conflict, it’s just a bunch of kids and parents hanging out in a Disneyland-like location while yet another slow introspective cover song gives everything a sense of, well, wonder.

I need to know what this movie’s deal is. I’m worried for these people’s safety.

Where did all these park visitors come from? Did they all find magical flying park tickets and get whooshed away into the park without nary a second thought of “What the hell just happened?”

I mean, the kids I could understand. They’re kids, they hop onto strange Polar Express trains bound for Santa’s workshop without a second thought.

But the parents? I mean, if I were them, I’d be focusing less on selfies and more on “I need to find some phone reception and call the police as soon as possible.”

Well, here’s a possible answer: They don’t actually exist.

According to the description on Wikipedia (which I couldn’t find elsewhere, so please take with a grain of salt), the entire amusement park comes from June’s imagination.

This means that all of the animals, attractions and, yes, even the guests would spawn from her mind, and therefore they wouldn’t care that they’ve been accosted to spend eternity at a theme park in the middle of the woods.

Of course, that adds a depressing angle about a little girl lost in the forest pretending she’s in a beautiful theme park as she slowly freezes to death. Hmm, come to think of it, that might be even worse.

All horrible implications aside, the trailer does look beautiful and boasts some impressive animation.

It’s especially impressive when you consider the long and arduous process of making this movie happen at all. First announced in 2014, it’s faced issues such as a title change, rescheduling its release date several times, and the January 2018 firing of the original director over “inappropriate conduct” claims. And just a couple of weeks ago, actor Jeffrey Tambor was also replaced following reports of his own conduct.

Wonder Park, which stars the voices of Jennifer Garner, Kenan Thompson and John Oliver, comes out in the US March 2019. Nickelodeon is also planning a TV show set in the film’s world that should come out later that year.

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