Iron Man VR Free Update Adds New Game Plus, New Weapons

Man VR has received a new that New +, an “Ultimate” difficulty mode, new weapons, improved load times, new quality of life features, and much more.Blaine Higdon, gameplay designer at Iron Man VR's developer Camouflaj, took to the PlayStation Blog to explain what's included in the free update, beginning with new game modes.

The New Game+ mode will allow players to re-experience Iron Man VR's story without giving up their Research Points, and it immediately unlocks the Impulse Armor. The “Ultimate” difficulty mode has also been added, and will give players who have already mastered the “Invincible” difficulty even more of a challenge.

The new update also brings with it new weapons, including the Continuous Beam Repulsor that allows Iron Man to sustain a beam for several seconds. There will also be an EM Charge Cannon that can penetrate that hardlight shields of Skull, Revenant, and Wight drones.

The Micro Swarm shoots out a “fire-and-forget” intelligent anti-swarm weapon that's great for large groups of enemies and, lastly, the Gravity Bomb creates a singularity that traps multiple enemies in their tracks.

Eight new Custom Armor Decos, including the Iron Patriot, have been added. These can be unlocked by completing new challenges in-game.

Beyond content, this update adds a few welcome quality of life features, including improved load times across the board. Additionally, the Shanghai mission's load times have decreased by 20-30 seconds.

Players can also skip cinematics without loading when replaying missions, and two side story missions are now skippable if desired following fan feedback.

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