Kickstarter game projects top $1 billion, with tabletop making up 69% of pledges

Games represent one of the biggest categories on Kickstarter, and it looks like it’ll stay that way. Today, the crowdfunding site announced that gaming collectively brought in over $1 billion in donations to creators since 2009.

This total comes from the 3.2 million people who pledged money to almost 17,000 game-related projects. And while a lot of indie developers found success on the over the last decade like Double Fine with Broken Age and Yacht Club Games with Shovel Knight and its expansions the category is more than just games.

board games and pen-and-paper role-playing games are actually responsible for most of that $1 billion, earning $686 million compared to the $236 million from video games. Breakout tabletop hits include Exploding Kittens ($8.8 million), Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5 ($12.4 million), and Dark Souls The Board Game ($4.9 million).

Of course, this means that Kickstarter itself pulled in a lot of money as well: The company takes a 5% cut for every successfuly funded campaign.

Here’s the full breakdown of where that $1 billion went to, according to a representative from Kickstarter.

  • Tabletop games: $686,696,897
  • Video games: $236,598,100
  • Playing cards: $25,376,895
  • Games (no subcategory selected): $22,028,478
  • Gaming hardware: $21,368,200
  • Mobile games: $7,230,806
  • Live games: $2,942,176
  • Puzzles: $1,868,466

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