Kingdom Hearts 3: How to Upgrade the Pirate Ship

When players arrive in the Pirates of the Caribbean-themed world in Kingdom Hearts 3, they are quickly given a pirate ship called the Leviathan, used to fight other ships on the sea and explore the ocean. Kingdom Hearts 3 players can upgrade the Leviathan ship to level nine to make it even more formidable, and get the Dreadnought achievement/trophy in the process for their troubles.

To upgrade the Leviathan ship in Kingdom Hearts 3, players need to find white crabs. However, they can’t just start searching for white crabs right off the bat. Instead they need to progress the story in the Caribbean to the point where Captain Jack Sparrow instructs them to head to Port Royal. Upon arriving at Port Royal, Jack Sparrow will ask Sora to collect 300 white crabs before they can continue their Caribbean adventures.

In order to fully upgrade the pirate ship, though, Kingdom Hearts 3 players will need a whopping 1,700 white crabs. While this may seem almost unobtainable, it is worth pointing out that there appears to be an infinite number of white crabs in the game, so players don’t have to stress about finding 1,700 specific white crabs in the game world.

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The best ways to find white crabs and upgrade the pirate ship in Kingdom Hearts 3 are:

  • Smashing wooden boxes and crates; the moving ones have white crabs hidden inside them
  • Destroying Heartless ships
  • Exploring underwater

To explore underwater in Kingdom Hearts 3, players will need to know how to dive and have a strong grasp on the underwater controls. To dive in Kingdom Hearts 3, players can press the left trigger to descend and the right trigger to rise to the surface. The B button on One or the Circle button on PS4 will let players swim faster. When swimming underwater, Kingdom Hearts 3 players will also want to be mindful of the jellyfish that are floating around, as they can deal damage to Sora and the gang if they are unlucky enough to bump into any of them. These jellyfish can be cleared away with Thunder magic rather effectively, though.

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As long as players keep searching the ocean, fighting enemy ships, and smashing boxes, they should eventually have enough white crabs to fully upgrade the Leviathan pirate ship in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is out now for PS4 and Xbox One.

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