Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory Release Date Leaked

Austrian trailer currently has a listing for Kingdom : Melody of , including a possible release date and price.

A listing for Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory has popped up today, with indications that the highly anticipated Square Enix title will be available as early as November 13th. As with all such leaks, these numbers are not confirmed and should not be taken at face value, but it does give players who have been dying to hear news of the upcoming rhythm game a target to shoot for.

The Kingdom Hearts title appears on the website with a price of €62,99 (approximately $75.59 US), and the listing says, “Erscheint am 13. November 2020,” or “Will be released 13 November 2020.” The website says it is a pre-order, and when placed in the shopping cart the text tacks on “voraussichtlich” or “expected” to the release date.

Ever since fans discovered the Melody of Memory logo back in June, they have been scouring the internet for news of the unconventional Kingdom Hearts game, but coming up relatively empty-handed. Until now, it seemed that the only definitive release date fans could find was, “2020.”

Square Enix released the Japanese trailer last month, and followed up with the English trailer shortly after. Other than that, Square Enix and Disney have been rather hush-hush about the release.

Hopes were raised last month when Madison Davenport, the voice of the ‘Nameless Star’ in Kingdom Hearts 3, hinted that she was recording dialogue from her home for the highly anticipated title. If that is the case, it is likely she provided

Kingdom Hearts music lovers can also anticipate the release of the Kingdom Hearts 3 Soundtrack, which will inevitably be included in Melody of Memory. Those who cannot wait that long can always check out this playlist of music Roxas would listen to.

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory will launch in 2020 for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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