Krafton new 1.7.0 version of PUBG Mobile with Mirror World theme

has introduced a new 1.7.0 version of (PUBG) Mobile India (BGMI), which includes a Mirror World theme, special features and new gameplay mechanics. The new version will be available on the Google Play Store and also on iOS App Store, as per a statement.

Starting today, 19 November, the Mirror World theme will be available in Livik, Erangel and Sanhok.

Players can enter the Mirror World mode by using the Wind Wall on the ground. A cool feature of this mode is that while entering, the character of a player transforms into one of the four legends from the League of Legends and Arcane which are Caitlyn, Jayce, Jinx and Vi.

Mirror Island provides characters with weapons to battle a monster and offers several rewards (including a Hextech Crystal) for defeating the monster. Gaming enthusiasts do not have to worry if their character is dead or defeated in Mirror Island, since they can return to the normal battleground if they're defeated.

The all-new 1.7.0 update does not just give BGMI fans Mirror World and Arcane characters, but has also brought some remarkable collaborations which can fetch users some amazing gifts and awards.

The largest collaboration of is with Liverpool FC, the global football club which will bring events such as You Will Never Walk Alone, where players can earn impressive rewards such as a Liverpool FC parachute, as well as a a backpack and an extravagant Liverpool FC jersey.

In India, The Recall is a much anticipated event where one can play with eight other friends and receive Recall tokens. These tokens can then be exchanged for some terrific rewards like SCAR-L Malachite permanent item.

The game's Classic Mode will also roll out some new features which includes a piggyback feature that allows a player to pick up a downed teammate or enemy on their back. Furthermore, weapon related changes, along with an all new grenade indicator that gives the exact location of a grenade will also be available to users. The Battleground's updated weapon balance will thereby affect SLR, mini14, VSS, SKS and DP28.

The 1.7.0 version will also provide diverse features such as maps of different terrains in a virtual setting, multiplayer experience options and much more.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is available exclusively to play in India, and has also taken feedback from its users to improve the game, after which, some fan favourite modes such as Metro Royale, Survive Till dawn, and Vikendi map will be brought back sequentially this time in the new version.

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