League of Legends Mobile Version May Be in Development

A mobile version of of may be in development at Riot Games. If released on mobile devices, Leagues of Legends would follow Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds as two other hugely popular PC multiplayer games to become available on smaller screens.

An article from Reuters says that Riot Games and its parent company Tencent have been working on a mobile version of of Legends for more than a year now. However, one source that the publication spoke to says that the mobile game probably won’t be released this year. One source also said that Tencent has been working for years to get Riot to agree with plans to make of Legends mobile and that “years ago,” Riot rejected a League of Legends mobile pitch from its parent company.

A mobile version of League of Legends would allow Riot Games to make much more money from its hugely successful game. League of Legends makes more than $1 billion a year and is regularly the biggest earning game on PC as Riot Games sells a premium currency called Riot Points which are used to purchase cosmetics such as character skins and skins for wards. However, League of Legends is Riot’s only game and so it will want to find a new way to make money from it, at least until it releases its next cash cow.

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For Tencent, a mobile version of League of Legends would allow the Chinese company to make money as China’s game approval process threatens its gaming earnings. League of Legends mobile would appeal to players in Asia and would allow it to make much more money from a game that is already incredibly popular in the region.

Tencent and Riot Games aren’t the only companies with plans to take their popular PC series to mobile devices. Blizzard caused controversy by announcing Diablo Immortal, a mobile version of its Diablo action RPG series. Activision also plans to release Call of Duty Mobile which will allow players to enjoy the series’ battle royale game mode on the go.

For players who want to play their favorite multiplayer games anywhere, these mobile releases are a good thing. However, it does mean that there is far more competition for League of Legends as Tencent and Riot Games work on taking the popular PC title to mobile.

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