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Daybreak Games and Standing Stone Games are launching a big for of the today.

The updated is called Where Dragons Dwell, and it will enable exploration of new and expanded regions. can now go on adventures through iconic Middle-Earth locations including the Iron Hills, Grey Mountains, and Erebor (or the Lonely Mountain, the site of Smaug’s lair in The Hobbit).

It will also introduce the Bassoon, a musical instrument system that will let players write and play their own in the game, while maintaining the sounds of real world musical instruments.

Players can also get a limited time in-game gift: All players can head to the game’s store and receive a Dwarven Miner’s Helm gift using the code STARTMINING. Additionally, the Where Dragons Dwell quest pack features over 80 quests and deeds, new instances, raids, and more across new Dwarf-holds regions.

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