Lucky Modern Warfare Fan Gains Ten Free Tier Skips From Free Bundle

A Modern Warfare fan finds a large number of tier skips in their free , helping them speed through the last of their battle pass tiers.

In : Modern Warfare, fans strive to finish their battle pass before each season’s end. By unlocking all the rewards, they can turn back to enjoying their time in the game rather then simply grinding out tiers. Near the end of each Modern Warfare season, the developer decides to give out a little help for those who lagged behind on the battle pass grind.

These little packages of aid usually appear as free bundles of double XP weekends throughout the last few weeks of the Modern Warfare season. The free bundles can hold anywhere from one to several free tier skips allowing fans access to extra goodies at an instant speed. While most fans are lucky to get one or two, this fan opened their bundle to find ten free tiers waiting for them.

Out of confusion, Reddit user StuntZA turned to the forums to see if anyone else had seen this many tier skips. These Modern Warfare free bundles usually provide fans with randomized loot as an incentive to check back into the title every few days. Most fans find calling cards, stickers, or other small trinkets, while some fans have reported blueprints and more inside their bundles. To find one, let alone ten, free battle pass tier skips is an insanely lucky bundle making this fan feel extremely blessed by the game’s randomized engine.

Big tier skip bundles are not unheard of, as some players have seen as high as twenty free tier skips in a single bundle. While many fans seem to find that there is an increase in tier skips the closer a fan is to the end, these bundles can become tiresome to those who have completed the season’s battlepass.

Many fans are still unsure exactly how the free bundles work. Although they are set on a preset timer, the wide array of goodies and Modern Warfare prizes they hand out leave fans questioning what is off-limits. Fans have found pieces of other bundles, missed season content, and other strange items within these free bundles making them a true mystery within the in-game algorithm.

Still, this player is not one to turn down a good gift. Thankfully, they still have several ranks to go on their battle pass, making the 10 free tiers a valued freebie. Fans will no doubt be more proactive when it comes to checking free bundles now that they know such high-valued prizes are potentially waiting to be unlocked.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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