Mafia 3: Definitive Edition Has Map for Hangar 13’s Canceled Open World Game

Mafia 3: Definitive revisits the original game and adds the DLC content that came to the title later. While the commercially successful Mafia 3 has not changed too much, players will be getting the DLC for the game for free if they already own the game and this has generated some interest in the titles before a fully remade Mafia 1 releases later this year. Despite limited changes coming to Mafia 3, a YouTube user has found some interesting new content in the game which includes an unfinished map of Berlin. It seems that this content was created by the developer, 13, for a different game entitled Rhapsody.

The Mafia games followed the tropes of gangster films and showcased the turbulent life of crime syndicates. The series used ambitious narratives full of betrayal to leverage its action and the later Mafia titles had impressive nostalgic open-worlds for players to explore. It seems that Hangar 13 was working on another large world based in the past with Rhapsody, and the map looks considerable even if it is vacant.

Rhapsody was said to be a spy game based in Berlin with a historical backdrop. The game was set during the closing decade of the Cold War, but the title had some significant changes, and some elements such as superheroes were rumored to feature in the game.

While it seems the game has been largely left behind, the map that has been found by YouTube user Sliderv2, who showcases some landmarks in Berlin including the Berlin TV Tower. Unfortunately for players who are interested in the title, it seems Hangar 13 has moved on to new projects.

Many players will be impressed with what could have been, despite the map looking empty and eerie. On the other hand, fans of the Mafia series will be pleased that the franchise has been the focus of the developer’s attention. The definitive editions of the Mafia games haven’t been without issue but most players appear to be enjoying the trip back in time.

It seems that Rhapsody had big ideas supporting it and the scale of its map suggests this. While some players may be disappointed that they never got to explore the map that the YouTube user found in Mafia 3, Hangar 13 still has plenty of crime based content to give fans.

Mafia 3Definitive Edition is available on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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