Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Gameplay Video Shows Heroes in Action

The Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order release date is only two months away, and fans are starting to get a glimpse of this highly anticipated Switch exclusive. Indeed, details on things like the Ultimate Alliance 3 characters are beginning to surface, and a new is even giving players a closer look at the MUA 3 gameplay that they can expect to encounter.

As part of Game Informer's month-long coverage of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, a seven-minute long Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 gameplay video has just been shared. In this video, players will see like Groot and Rocket, Iron Man, and more go to battle against hordes of enemies in an attempt to recover the Infinity Stones before their foes do.

While those that are most excited about the title may simply be happy to see Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order gameplay, the Game Informer video offers more, detailing some of the game modes that will be available. For example, the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Switch gameplay seen here elaborates specifically on the Infinity Trials.

The Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Infinity Trials are side missions that players can use to farm XP and items. These side missions occur in levels that players have already seen, but additional modifiers can be applied, which alter the experience by adding things like time limits to the mission objective.

marvel ultimate alliance 3 gameplay

It is noted that these Infinity Trails will become available around halfway through the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 story, which this video mentions begins with the Guardians of the Galaxy, an encounter with the Black Order, and a scattering of the Infinity Stones. However, prior to this point, players will have access to similar challenges through something called Infinity Rifts.

Furthermore, the video focuses in on some of the specific Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order characters, not only showing them in action, but also elaborating on gameplay implications. For example, it is clarified that Lockjaw will not be a playable character, instead acting as a station for players to add heroes from the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 character list to their parties.

As the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 release date draws nearer, fans are certain to receive more details on the characters and gameplay featured in the game. Until then, this MUA 3 gameplay video contains quite a lot of information to digest.

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