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A mass shooting took place at the GLHF Bar located at the Jacksonville Landing in Jacksonville, earlier today. The GLHF Game Bar was hosting a qualifying for the recently released Madden NFL 19 when the shooting started. Reports indicate that three people are dead and nine were injured.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is in the process of securing the location, and are investigating into the possibility of a second suspect. Anyone present at the scene are asked to stay hiding where they are and have been instructed to call 911 to help police find them.

Gameplay from the event was being streamed on Twitch at the time the shooting took place. Many of these streams and archived videos have been removed, but in one video, a streamer can be heard explaining what was happening on-screen, only to be interrupted by a gunshot. “Excuse me,” the streamer says, and then begins talking again, apparently unaware of what was happening. Multiple shots are then heard, followed by screams.

WARNING: The following audio may be disturbing for some readers.

Another video has surfaced of the shooting showing some of the participants in the tournament in the middle of a match. We then see what appears to be a laser sight on the chest of one of the players before the footage cuts out.

At least one participant in the Madden NFL 19 tournament, Young Drini, is confirmed to have survived. According to reports, Young Drini was shot in the hand during the assault, but has since made it safely away from the scene.

Meanwhile, Electronic Arts, the publisher of Madden NFL 19 has released a statement about the situation on Twitter.

At the time of this writing, the identity of the shooter has yet to be released to the public. It’s also unclear if the shooter had a motive, and if so, what that motive was. A press conference is expected to take place in Jacksonville later today where the police will share more information about the incident.

Source: CNN, NBC

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