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Despite the fact that basically every video game movie released to date has earned negative reviews, director Jordan Vogt-Roberts is throwing his hat in the ring with a film adaptation of Metal Gear Solid. The Metal Gear Solid film still has no release date, but the script is finished, and while Vogt-Roberts may not be thinking of his next project any time soon, one future game he wants to adapt is none other than Metroid.

If Vogt-Roberts were to make a Metroid film adaptation, he said that the character Samus Aran would be by herself. To Vogt-Roberts, Metroid games “lose everything” once they start to introduce other talking characters. Vogt-Roberts went on to compare his vision of a Metroid film to Drive, a movie known for its long stretches of silence, and said that it would be an “intense mood piece” mixed with science-fiction elements.

It sounds like Vogt-Roberts hopes to make a Metroid film that is similar to what’s presented in most of the games, where Samus spends the bulk of the adventure alone. However, this mostly-silent approach to a film is not typical of a blockbuster movie, and Vogt-Roberts acknowledges that, saying, “They’ll never let me do it.”

Vogt-Roberts seems to think his vision for a Metroid film isn’t a possibility, but perhaps if the Metal Gear Solid movie does well, then he will be given the opportunity to try his hand at it. After all, once a video game adaptation is released that actually does well with both critics and audiences, it’s sure to be a significant occasion, and could convince other game studios to trust Vogt-Roberts with their franchises.

While it’s impossible to say at this point if the Metal Gear Solid movie will do well or not, Vogt-Roberts does seem like a genuine fan of the games. Furthermore, he has put in the legwork to make sure his script lives up to the standards of the series, even having a meeting with Hideo Kojima, the creator of Metal Gear Solid and the director for most of the games in the series.

The Metal Gear Solid film adaptation is still in the early stages of development, but if it manages to be the first truly great video game movie, perhaps a Metroid movie directed by Vogt-Roberts will be in the cards.

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