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When Metal Gear creator Hideo officially left Konami, many fans of the franchise were concerned about what its future would look like. And not just in terms of the Metal Gear games, either, as fans also feared that the Metal Gear Solid movie would also be negatively affected by Kojima’s absence.

It seems that those worried about the Metal Gear Solid movie need not fret, as director Jordan Vogt-Roberts is committed to respecting Kojima’s legacy. In an interview with IGN, Vogt-Roberts teased that the script for the Metal Gear Solid movie is “one of the coolest, weirdest, most Kojima things.” In fact, the director added, “If I wasn’t involved in it, I would still look at that script and [say], ‘Holy s–t.’”

This isn’t the first time that Vogt-Roberts has expressed his desire to make it as Kojima-y as possible. In an interview with GameSpot last year, the director said that he had told the movie’s production company, Sony Pictures, that he would like to make “the truest, most balls-to-the-wall Metal Gear version of this–the most Kojima version of this.” Vogt-Roberts is “fully committed to what Kojima’s voice is,” and will continue to push for that even if it means that the movie is made “for a little bit less money.”

This new interview will be music to fans’ ears for two reasons. The first is that if Vogt-Roberts is sticking to Kojima’s vision, it means that it may hold the essence of the Metal Gear series. Many movie adaptations, including 2016’s Assassin’s Creed movie, have been critical duds but perhaps if Vogt-Roberts is taking a leaf out of the original creator’s book, the Metal Gear Solid movie may be able to avoid the same pratfalls.

Another promising tidbit from the interview is that Vogt-Roberts is aware of all of this, speaking frankly about the poor critical reception of previous video game movies. The director is also a keen gamer himself, even revealing that he has ideas for a movie based on The Legend of Zelda and the Metroid franchise too. As someone who has grown up on video games, Vogt-Roberts may have a greater insight into what makes video games great and how that can be translated to a non-interactive medium. But, if the Metal Gear Solid director is stumped for ideas, he needs only look to Kojima for some sage advice.

The Metal Gear Solid movie is in development.

Source: GameSpot

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