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Without a doubt, the Metal Gear Solid franchise has a deep overarching story that is equal parts thought-provoking, complex, and convoluted, with many fans split as to which entry in the series is their favorite and has the best plot thus far. While this is still a subject of debate within the MGS community, some have also been wondering what will be cribbed from the source material and used for the forthcoming movie based on the stealth-action games. As it so happens, Jordan Vogt-Roberts recently discussed some of the script’s tidbits during San Diego 2018.

According to Vogt-Roberts, the script for the Metal Gear Solid movie has been completed, and it sounds as if the story he wanted to tell was one drawing inspiration from the series as a whole instead of focusing on one specific game’s plot. As stated by the Kong: Skull Island director, “We’re not exactly adapting something verbatim as ‘this game,’ but we’re also not just going to throw it out in a crazy Dark Tower way that it completely disregards why fans love the thing.”


Building on this sentiment, Vogt-Roberts then defined his intentions for the Metal Gear Solid movie adaptation, which sounds to be an attempt to distill the huge and time-spanning narrative that includes the original game and each sequel in the series as best as possible. The director explained, “My goal really is to try and translate what the fans want and expect, and to really take the unwieldy, amazing, decades-spanning timeline and have a way to make part of that make sense as a film.”

Taking all of this into account, it’s still anyone’s guess as to how exactly Vogt-Roberts intends to translate the oftentimes complicated stories found in Metal Gear Solid to the big screen. What’s more is that there’s no telling who and what its plot will focus on, for not only are there a slew of games in the series, but also several different versions of the typical protagonist, Snake. Nevertheless, the MGS movie still has a shot at being a cohesive, comprehensive, and hopefully comprehensible due to the series creator Hideo Kojima’s input having been considered.

The Metal Gear Solid movie is still in development with no official release date.

Source: IGN

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