Microsoft Edge has a cute game to play when you’re offline

Microsoft is determined to one-up Google where possible with its Chromium-based browser, and that includes one of the most important areas: the cute mini-game you can when you’re offline. After a few months of previews, Microsoft has updated Edge with a new Surf game (available at any time by plugging edge://surf into the address bar) that harkens back to the old SkiFree game from Windows’ past.

This is decidedly more sophisticated than jumping a dinosaur over cactus plants in Chrome you can take it surprisingly seriously for a game that’s supposed to tide you over for a few minutes.

At its heart, it’s an endless runner where you surf around obstacles and stay one step ahead of a kraken. There are also objective-based time trial and zig zag (really, slalom) modes, though. You can also use a variety of input that includes your mouse, keyboard, touch or even a gamepad with haptic feedback.High visibility and low-speed modes help with the difficulty, and there are promises of “a few secrets.”

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