Microsoft has been reportedly sending hints about next-gen Xbox in its teasers

E3, the electronics expo that is held every year in Los Angeles, is a gaming fan’s biggest heaven. Microsoft has been holding yearly keynotes giving updates about its -exclusive and even sneak peeks of its upcoming console for some time now. With this year’s keynote just about 10 hours away, Twitter have spotted secret messages hidden in the left-hand side of the E3 2019 countdown videos that the company is posting.

Microsoft has been reportedly sending hints about next-gen Xbox in its teasers

Xbox controller.

As per a report by The Verge,  the first was from a couple of days ago and has the code R 255, followed by G 36 in the second, and B 0 in the latest today. Together with that forms the code RGB (255,36,0), which happens to be the RGB colour code for Scarlett. For quite some time the next-gen console from Xbox had been codenamed ‘Scarlette’. This code means that E3 2019 could be where we finally get the juicy titbits about the new console that will rival the upcoming PlayStation 5.

Xbox teasers.

Xbox .

This is not the first time that Microsoft has hidden secret Xbox teasers in its tweets. Two years back at E3 2017, the company had hidden several about its ‘Project Scorpion’ which turned out to be the Xbox One X.

Microsoft’s Xbox E3 2019 briefing is scheduled to take place on 10 June and the entire briefing will go on for under two hours. The duration was confirmed by Xbox’ marketing General Manager Aaron Greenberg on Twitter.

If we are to follow the leaks that have appeared around Microsoft’s announcements at E3, it looks like the company might put up quite a successful presentation. Rumoured games  Halo: InfiniteGears 5Age of Empires IV and a new Fable title. We will get some information on the next generation of the Xbox gaming console. However, a full reveal about it is highly doubtful.

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