Microsoft plans to launch Xbox mobile game store

Microsoft plans has emerged as a result of the UK’s CMA inquiry into the Activision Blizzard acquisition, revealing that the firm intends to launch an game store. The Google Play Store and Apple App Store, which now dominate the market for the mobile game store, are Microsoft’s main competitors.

Microsoft intends to develop an Xbox mobile game

Microsoft has been asked for background information by the CMA, which is now looking into the $68.7 billion Activision Blizzard deal. Microsoft claims that a key driving factor for the acquisition was to expand its mobile gaming footprint. An Xbox mobile game is reportedly part of its intentions for this market.

The acquisition of Activision Blizzard’s assets will make it easier for Microsoft to develop a next-generation game store that works on a variety of platforms, including mobile. “Building on Activision Blizzard’s established gaming communities, Xbox will strive to grow the Xbox Store to mobile, drawing gamers to a new Xbox Mobile Platform,” the firm stated in its filings.

Microsoft claims that the acquisition would increase its mobile gaming and advertising income. In fact, Microsoft used this as one of its main justifications for asking the CMA to approve the Activision Blizzard merger, pointing out that its intention to create a mobile gaming platform would increase competition in the market. It would also provide crucial experience in developing and promoting new titles.

Xbox mobile game store against Google Play Store and App Store

A significant change in consumer behavior is necessary to get users of mobile devices to stop using the Google Play Store and the App Store. By providing well-known and well-liked stuff, Microsoft aspires to encourage players to attempt new experiences.

Making the Xbox mobile game store successful will be a challenge for Microsoft, since the fact that Apple’s operating system forbids the use of third-party app stores makes it difficult to compete on iPhones and iPads. Additionally, with millions of apps and the dominating market leader, the Google Play Store is the largest app store for mobile devices.

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