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The release of Monster Hunter World has undoubtedly been a major boon for Capcom, as the publisher and developer explained several months ago that the action role-playing game’s launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One was one of the main factors involved in bringing the company to its “highest level of profitability”. Now, it’s not much longer before the title releases for PC, and Capcom seems intent on selling even more copies by catering to the modding community with the reveal that the game will get Steam for mods.

This much was revealed after Capcom added a Workshop tab to Monster Hunter World‘s Steam page just recently, confirming that the action-RPG will officially support mods for download through Valve’s digital distribution service. No doubt, this will simply be seen as a plus for PC fans, as the base game itself will likely be the main attraction for quite some time due to the fact that it’s launching on the platform so long after its console counterparts.


As of now, Monster Hunter World‘s Workshop is empty which could indicate that Capcom won’t actually be including mod support at launch, and that the tab’s inclusion on the game’s Steam page is just a placeholder for a future update. However, it could also mean that since the game has yet to be released on PC, there are no mods yet because no one has had the chance to make any.

Whatever the case may be, PC fans won’t have to wait much longer to find out Capcom’s full intentions for Monster Hunter World‘s Steam Workshop support, as the title will be releasing on the platform tomorrow. So, we will simply have to be patient for a short while to find out what the publisher and developer has in store for Steam Workshop mod support and all of the other ancillary features coming to MHW on PC.

Monster Hunter World is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and will release on August 9, 2018 for PC.

Source: Steam (via Destructoid)

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