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The highly anticipated release date for Monster Hunter World‘s PC port was officially announced by Capcom Monday morning, ending a 6-month wait since the game launched on consoles in January. PC players, or console players looking to play through Monster Hunter World once again, can pick up the PC port just a month from now, starting August 9. Monster Hunter World on PC will be available exclusively through Steam as a digital-only release.

Pricing for Monster Hunter World is as expected, with the port retailing for a full $59.99 at launch. Pre-orderers will receive two bonuses in the Origin Set, a useful leveling set of armor with a nostalgic style, and the Fair Wind Charm, another useful item for early leveling that features a unique left-arm glow.

In addition to the standard edition, a special Deluxe Edition will also be available for Monster Hunter World that will cost $70.48. It bundles together the base game and the Deluxe Kit DLC and then offers a 6% discount. The Deluxe Kit is also available individually for $14.99 and will likely remain so post-launch. Within the Deluxe Kit will be:

  • Samurai Armor Set
  • Gesture: Zen
  • Gesture: Ninja Star
  • Gesture: Sumo Slap
  • Sticker Set: MH All-Stars Set
  • Sticker Set: Sir Loin Set
  • Face Paint: Wyvern
  • Hairstyle: Topknot

Players can likely expect further cosmetic DLC for Monster Hunter World to be made available post-launch, given the game’s track record on console. But the pre-order bonus and the Deluxe Kit will be the only DLC that can be bought prior to launch.

Along with the release date and purchasing information, Capcom also shared a handful of important details regarding Monster Hunter World that PC game players will want to know about. The PC specifications that leaked on Saturday have proven true, but Capcom has added the clarification that these specifications are targeting 1080p at 30fps (minimum specifications targeting “Low” settings and recommended specifications targeting “High”).

Capcom does provide a screenshot of in-game options, confirming that Monster Hunter World does support 4K resolution and up to 60fps. It remains unclear, however, whether there will be an uncapped frame-rate option. Both of the console releases of Monster Hunter World had unlocked framerates but struggled visually as a result. Capcom could limit the PC release due to the complaints stemming from the console community, but would likely face a different sort of frustration from the PC community instead. There’s always a chance that an unlimited frame-rate gets added post-launch if needs be.

Several other PC port-related details that Capcom has now revealed about Monster Hunter World include:

  • No cross-play multiplayer or cross-saves between platforms are supported
  • Multiplayer works through Steam’s servers and accounts
  • Utilizes Denuvo DRM
  • Controller and Keyboard+Mouse supported
  • Post-launch content updates and events planned
  • Post-launch Event Quest schedule will be different from the consoles’

Final details regarding the PC release of Monster Hunter World will likely have to wait until reviews start being published or the game releases and players can see for themselves. Keep in mind that this is the Monster Hunter team’s first foray into porting a game onto PC, so there’s definitely a possibility of launch issues or incomplete features. That shouldn’t slow down pre-orders, however, considering PC fans of Monster Hunter have been waiting a very long time for the franchise to come to their platform.

Monster Hunter World releases August 9 on PC and is currently available on PS4 and Xbox One.

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