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Earlier today Capcom revealed Monster Hunter World will finally be coming to the PC on August 9th, nearly half a year after the game originally released on console. Without question, the fandom had been waiting for this announcement and it was enough to let that sink in, but Capcom confirmed a few additional details about Monster Hunter World on PC as well.

The biggest revelation is that Monster Hunter World will not support crossplay between any of the console versions and the PC. Fans had hoped that, at the very least, Monster Hunter World would let them transfer a save from one platform to PC, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Crossplay was a little taller ask given that many multiplatform multiplayer games don’t support the feature. Granted, there are plenty that do, most notably Fortnite, but there was some hope that the extra development time for the PC version of Monster Hunter World would allow for building that in.

The other feature that will not be making it into Monster Hunter World on PC is mod support. Once again, this was a potential longshot but given that this is the first mainline Monster Hunter game on PC some hoped that mod support might make its way in.

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However, those crossplay, cross saves, and mod support are not going to be available for Monster Hunter World at launch that doesn’t mean one or all of the features won’t be added in later. Mod support seems the likeliest addition, even if it is in a non-official capacity. PC gamers tend to figure out how to mod almost any game, especially one that is targeting a release on Steam.

It’s possible that future features could hinge on Monster Hunter World’s PC sales, which have the potential to be very strong. The title quickly became one of Capcom’s best selling releases of all time, setting numerous records in the process.

So perhaps if there is enough demand for mod support or cross-play and the PC community is big enough, Capcom might make it a priority. For now, players have a ton of new monsters to look forward to hunting.

Monster Hunter World releases August 9, 2018 for PC.

Source: PC Gamer

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