MultiVersus launches Season One with Black Adam and Stripe

MultiVersus has finally launched its maiden voyage with One. The new battle pass is available, including both free and paid varieties. Developer Player First Games also announced two new fighters.

One features several additions to MultiVersus, including character balancing, more achievable battle pass requirement, and new free characters in the rotation (these include Arya, Batman, LeBron James and Steven Universe). Player First also plans to add Classic Arcade Mode and a new Ranked Mode in One.

As part of the Season One launch, Warner Bros have also announced two more characters for the roster: DC Comics’ Adam and Stripe from Gremlins. The two will roll out to players in the coming months. The two fighters previously appeared in leaked rosters. In addition, Morty Smith from Rick & Morty will join the roster on August 23.

Warner Bros. has not confirmed when either Black Adam or Stripe will release. Presumably, Adam’s addition will coincide with the character’s DCEU movie of the same name, which releases in October. MultiVersus director Tony Huynh confirmed on Twitter that both will roll out during Season One. Rick Sanchez is another character due to join later in the season.

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