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Without a doubt, many were hoping that Firefly star Nathan Fillion’s tease from last week was an indication that the Canadian-American actor was set to announce that he would be handling the lead role of Nathan Drake in an official Uncharted movie. While the unlicensed short film that resulted was wonderful to say the least, it’s safe to say some were disappointed after having set their expectations too high. Nevertheless, according to the fan project’s director Allan Ungar (GridlockedTapped Out), it could actually lead to “something more” down the line.

While the Uncharted short initially seemed like a single-shot affair, Ungar recently stated that after the fan film was released online, he received “a couple emails” from a party that goes unnamed – even though he strongly infers that it’s Sony –  indicating a certain amount of “interest” in the project. According to the filmmaker, “There’s definitely people talking about what this could mean as a digital series or something further”.


For those unaware, Sony already has an official Uncharted movie in the works, with Stranger Things producer Shawn Levy and Spider-Man: Homecoming star Tom Holland having previously been linked to the project, but considering the production snags it’s hit over the years, there’s no telling what its actual status is. With this being the case, a potential Uncharted show with Fillion in the role of Nathan Drake would surely please fans until the film hits the big screen.

All things considered, Fillion has long been the Uncharted community’s primary pick when it comes to depicting Nathan Drake in a major feature-length film based on the Naughty Dog franchise, but only time will tell if the actor will get to play the part of the American treasure hunter once again. Although video game movies are often bad, many would argue that Fillion as Nathan Drake in the official Uncharted motion picture would give it a fighting chance at the box office and with critics.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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