New Apex Legends Character Blisk Abilities Leaked

Players of Apex and fans of Titanfall alike rejoice, for the latest datamine has leaked info for the famous (or infamous) Titanfall freelance pilot Kuben Blisk.

Leader of the aptly named Apex Predators in the Titanfall universe, Blisk is yet another Titanfall addition to the game alongside rumors of Titanfall 2′s Jack Cooper. Dataminer That1MiningGuy, who has proven reliable in the past, has discovered this unscrupulous mercenary lurking in the game files with an unsurprisingly aggressive playstyle.

The passive ability for Blisk is Interrogation. When the player executes an enemy, the location of that enemy’s allies will be revealed for 10 seconds. A great ability for garnering info on the enemy, but with how long it takes to complete the full execution animation in Apex Legends and how vulnerable it leaves the player, it’ll remain to be seen how often this gets used. While executions are risky, they’re not something to be avoided entirely if players want to win.

Blisk’s tactical is Throwing Knife. It deals 20 damage and marks the target. Killing a marked target rewards double credits. As for the credits, the theory is that they will be similar in function to Nomad, though players won’t be salvaging for parts; instead they’ll be killing for cold hard cash. How to spend these credits? That’s where the ultimate comes into play.

Blisk’s ultimate ability is called Payday, and it simply says, “Squad kills award credits. Spend credits on powerful supplies.” 2/5/10 credits can be exchanged for an item, though there is no item list just yet.

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Clearly Blis’s entire kit is centered around slaughtering the enemy. The player will have a way to find the enemy squad, a way to double the credits for killing them, and a way to enhance gameplay through getting kills. As all the abilities essentially funnel down to the ultimate, the value of his kit is dependent on the items available. If they’re lackluster, it would defeat any reason to play him versus someone who can go invisible, track, heal, or any other useful ability. Of course, if it’s the L-Star rifle from Titanfall 2, that would be worth something.

The addition of Blisk is the first solid bridge gamers have between Apex Legends and Titanfall. He was present in the first game but became an actual antagonist in the single-player campaign for Titanfall 2, proving to be more than a pain till the end. Does this mean that with the addition of an actual Titan pilot means players will see Titans enter the game?

One theory is that Blisk is a part of The Syndicate, the organization behind the Apex Games. With the leak of Crypto’s abilities and understanding the part he may play in attempting to overthrow The Syndicate, gamers may see the next season’s storyline centered around Blisk and Crypto fighting against one another.

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