New Battlefield 5 Easter Egg Summons Crab Rave

The  games are known for a few things, including huge maps and awe inspiring large-scale battles. Incidentally, large maps and a necessity of team cooperation also make for great elements in an easter egg hunt, so it should not come as a huge surprise that a new easter egg has been found in Battlefield 5‘s latest content.

The latest update for Battlefield 5, titled War in the Pacific, dropped not long ago and brought with it new content including new vehicles, weapons, and maps. One of these was a remaster of the incredibly popular recurring Battlefield map Wake Island, and it is on this map that the easter egg can be found.

The first step in finding the new easter egg involves finding crabs, specifically ones that will wait for players to approach before scuttling into the sand. Find five of these, and then players will find a pair of headphones at a memorial to old players that also appeared in the map in Battlefield 3, which will allow you to hear morse code at an encoding machine at bunker D. Decode it and players will be provided with a longitude and latitude for the actual, real-life Wake Island. Exploring these coordinates in-game will net players a vinyl record for the memorial’s gramaphone playing a classic Battlefield tune.

That vinyl is one of many, and the others can be found in the same way, with the machine giving new morse code each time players play a record in the gramaphone. The final one plays a brand new remix of the theme from the first record, and this one sees the crabs that surround the monument dancing and bouncing with joy. There are fireworks too, a celebration of all the time spent on the quest and on Wake Island.

This is certainly a nice sentiment, and a fun distraction, but it may not be enough to distract people from their problems with the game. The introduction of microtransactions still has people feeling sore, and attempts at different game modes, like Battle Royale Duos, have not worked out well in the recent past. A fun mini-quest can only make things so fun before people get back to the game they bought that just isn’t cutting it anymore.

That’s not to say the developers don’t care, as the easter egg in general shows. The entire thing is a love letter to the games and the fans who loved the stage Wake Island, a loving message from the devs that their fans are appreciated. Given what some of those who develop the game have teased in the past, dancing crabs may not even be the best that players have to look forward to. But only if they actually look to find it, of course.

Battlefield 5 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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