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Skins in Counter-Strike:Global Offensive can sometimes be a hot commodity, with one even selling for tens of thousands of dollars. Now, a recent update has added even more skins to the game.

A recent update that rolled out added the chance for a new loot box, dubbed the Horizon , to drop for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players. There are new weapon skins and knives that will be featured in the Horizon Case. In total, there will be 17 weapon skins and four new knives that players can potentially get. All of the weapon skins were created by members of the community, as well.

Guns like the sawed-off shotgun, MP7, and AK47 are just a few that will have new skins in the case. Since these skins were all community made, Valve credited the members that designed each of them. Doing this was a great way to bring recognition to the die-hard fans that took the time to create and submit these weapon finishes.

csgo shotgun horizon case

The four new knives making their way to the game are the Stiletto, Ursus, Navaja, and Talon. Each of these knife designs will have 12 different skins, as well.  The skins will range from the default look to camo patterns and even more unique designs that will not just change the look of the handle, but the design will also be applied to the blade.

horizon knives csgo

New skins and knives won’t be the only thing that will be applied to the game, either, as there will also be other updates made to the game with the patch. Most notably is that the Panorama UI has been moved out of beta and is now integrated fully into the game. It will be set as the default UI on compatible operating systems.

A few other changes were made to gameplay, as well. C4 planted at the B bomb site will now make a different sound than it did prior. Incendiaries and molotovs have also been changed to now inflict consistent damage upon impact, like other grenade types currently do. Full patch notes can be found here.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is available now for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

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