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Fans of the highly anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusive Hideo Kojima game, Death , were slightly disappointed when it was revealed that the game would not be playable at the Tokyo Game Show 2018 this weekend. To compensate for the disappointment, though, Kojima Productions has released a brand new trailer for Death  that reveals a mysterious man in a , as well as a terrifying beast.

The latest Death Stranding trailer below shows an encounter between the protagonist of the game, Sam, and what may just be the villain of the game (or one of the villains), only known at this point as the man in the golden mask. From the trailer, it appears that the golden mask can also summon a terrifying creature – a huge black dog-like animal that wears a similar golden mask.

From the looks of it, this creature may be one of the boss fights in the game, and as Kojima once explained in an interview, the game will not force players to fight so there may be various ways of getting past this creature in the game.

The Death Stranding gameplay trailer released at E3 this year also showed off some of the other enemies that Sam will encounter during his journey, and they look similar to the one in this trailer, only smaller. It seems that most of the enemies are made of some sort of dark matter, which gives off a horror vibe.

Some predict that Death Stranding might release in 2020 on the next generation PlayStation console, the PlayStation 5, especially since the development of this game has largely remained a mystery up to now. This trailer just makes us more excited to see what this fascinating game will have to offer, though, and we surely hope that the release date is not as far off as it seems.

Death Stranding is in development for PS4. A release date has not yet been announced.

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