New Footage of Cancelled Avengers Game Emerges

Ten minutes of new footage from the first-person has been uploaded to the internet, captured from an early build that was secured by a video game preservation community.

This version of the game was discovered on a hard drive by Obscure Gamers, and the footage uploaded by Andrew Borman, the digital games curator at the Museum of Play. In the tweet above you can see Captain America in action, hurling his shield at enemy Skrulls, and the full video on YouTube also demonstrates Iron Man, Thor, and Hulk in action, too.

The footage is clearly taken from an early build of the game, which features sparse, undetailed levels, placeholder collectables, and untextured enemy models. But despite the early nature of the assets, you can easily see the kind of first-person co-op brawling gameplay that the project was working towards.

This Avengers project was set to be a co-op game that would coincide with the release of the first Avengers movie, and was inspired by the Secret Invasion comic book story arc in which the Skrulls invade earth by shapeshifting into members of society and taking their place. In the menus we can spot several key Marvel locations as levels, including SHIELD’s headquarters, the Triskelion.The game, which was in development in 2011 at THQ Studio Australia and Blue Tongue Entertainment, was eventually cancelled after THQ suffered financial troubles and was eventually forced to close.

While this Avengers co-op game sadly never saw completion and release, Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix are currently working on a new, third-person Marvel’s Avengers co-op game, due to release this September. You’ll be able to see more from the game as part of IGN’s Summer of Gaming event, where more will be shown of the War Table feature.

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