New Godfall Gameplay Revealed at Gamescom 2020

Counterplay Games shows a quick teaser of a newly Valorplate and another look at combat in the upcoming PS5 title Godfall.

Counterplay Games had a brief moment to show off Godfall during the opening night live stream, revealing a new Valorplate and showing off some of the fast-paced fans can expect to see when the game releases. The fairly quick video shows off a bit about the latest class in the game, this makes for the fifth Valorplate Godfall has revealed, as Counterplay and Gearbox continue to drip-feed information leading up to launch.

This doesn't make for the first bit of gameplay footage shared for Godfall, even if it does act as a small reveal trailer for one of the Valorplates that players will take into combat. As short as today's reveal was, some of the more recent reveals and teasers for the game's classes have been much shorter and avoided showing any real gameplay.

The new Valorplate in Godfall, called Vertigo, has a distinct look to it, with what looks like a moth-like head and a cape that looks like a pair of wings to bring the motif together. From the look of the small amount of combat that has been shown, it seems as though Vertigo is a fairly quick class that is able to quickly dodge and dart around the battlefield. How this differs from some of the other Valorplates shown so far is still up in the air, as mobility seems to be a major factor in every class, but the movement of Vertigo does seem to go further than other abilities shown so far.

There is a more in-depth deep dive planned with Creative Director Keith Lee, so hopefully, Lee will be able to give more information in the interview on what players can expect from Godfall's gameplay, with a closer look at Vertigo and how this Valorplate differs from others. For now, though, players will have to settle for another short look into the PS5 launch title, with just a small tease of what some of the newly revealed Valorplates can do.

Regardless of what has or hasn't been shown of Godfall yet, players have been excited for what may be lining up to be the PS5's biggest launch title and a big reason for players to jump into the looting genre on Next-Gen consoles right away. Players will just have to wait until that Keith Lee sit down to find out more as they wait for another look at one of the most anticipated titles of this year.

Godfall is in development for PC and PS5.

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