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Another map has just been added to Overwatch, this time taking players to , South Korea, the home of everyone’s favorite professional gamer turned MEKA pilot.

Over time, stages that represent the various heroes and villains of Overwatch have been added to the game, such as Eichenwalde for Reinhardt and Oasis for Symmetra. Now, it’s miss D.Va’s turn to battle it out on her home turf.

overwatch busan control map MEKA base blizzard

Busan has gone live, finally making its jump from the PTR. The game’s newest control map is made up of three distinct areas: Sanctuary, Downtown, and the MEKA base that was featured in “Shooting Star,” the latest animated short that premiered a few weeks ago. Special care was taken between the cinematics department and the level designers to match the location seen in the video as best they could. The MEKA base will be a highlight of the new map and will change as the match goes on, even assisting players if they know how to utilize it.

There are three blast shields that go up and down, providing cover from enemy fire. An alarm accompanied by a flashing light and steam indicates when the shields will rise from the ground, signaling to the team that it is safe to attack the point.

Blizzard notes that this is the first time the team has intentionally designed moving terrain to assist in map strategies. Because of this, Busan is different than your typical control map.

D.Va is certainly getting a lot of love lately. In addition to her own animated short and a campaign that rewarded Overwatch players with a rare Nano Cola-themed skin, Nerf has announced it will be releasing a replica of D.Va’s signature Light Gun next year. Blizzard and Nerf are collaborating to bring some of the iconic weapons from Overwatch to store shelves. Reaper’s Hellfire Shotgun was the first to be announced, and will also release some time in 2019.

Overwatch is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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