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Yamzu, founded in Sweden in 2016 by Asiad Majeed, a lifelong entrepreneur and Hristiyan Nikolovaim to change the eSports industry for the good of the gamers. By creating a tokenised cryptocurrency to run alongside their dedicated gaming servers they can make the digital world safer, easier and smarter for their increasing userbase. Built on the Ethereum network, YMZ tokens will enable gamers to play for real money securely and with ease.

Currently eSports is one of the fastest growing entertainment industries. Global market capitalisation is expected to increase from 650m to 1.5b by 2020, with the total number of players expected to nearly double from 300m to 500m. In anticipation of these rapid changes, Yamzu is moving to set the foundations for the next level of gaming.

The widely-adopted systems of most gaming servers leave gamers vulnerable to scams, unsporting behaviour and fraud. By implementing blockchain tech Yamzu aim to innovate the industry and challenge these symptoms. Encouraging this idea will also let fans on their own terms and play for money with trust.

“It’s obvious to anyone in the eSports industry that the market is a growing one. We’ve seen huge increases in player numbers and revenue since going live just two years ago, and the numbers are developing month-on-month. Our goal is to offer something that breaks the mould and like many other technology brands to come out of Sweden in recent years, we’re poised to do just that. We are building a platform with rewards and flexibility like no other, and our ICO is a big part of this. We know that eSports are the future, and it’s a very exciting time to be part of it.” – Asiad Majeed

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Public Presale – 04/07/2018 12:00 CEST

The project is currently offering a bonus for early adopters. The project will do a Public Presale that predates the ICO. The details are as follows:

Allocated Tokens: 71,5M

€ Value: 7,15M €

Bonus: 30%

YMZ unit price: 0,1 €

Start date: 04/07/2018 12:00 CEST

Stop date: 31/07/2018 12:00 CEST

This public presale gives early investors a 30% bonus on top of purchased tokens. Yamzu aim to help every gamer play like a pro, and strive to make this innovative technology the benchmark for future gaming.



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