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A new batch of has been added to Pokemon GO as part of the game's Johto Festival event that started this week.

While the main attraction of the Pokemon GO event is undoubtedly the Special Research quest which allows players to discover and capture the Mythical Pokemon Celebi, there will also be new Shiny versions of three Generation 2 Pokemon, Sunkern, Natu, and Pineco.

For those who don't know, Shiny Pokemon are variations of the typical Pokemon that trainers can catch. They don't have any special abilities, but they look different and are very rare. The Shiny Natu, for example, has yellow feathers instead of pink. While a Shiny Pineco is orange instead of dark green. The one thing Shiny Pokemon share is their characteristic sparkle.

Niantic confirmed the addition of these new Shiny Pokemon yesterday evening via Twitter.

Shiny Pokemon are all well and good, but the real draw of the Johto Festival event is the opportunity to catch the Mythical Pokemon Celebi. The Special Research quest “A Ripple in Time” went live yesterday, and players can now begin the hunt. Players who are feeling a tad lost can refer to our guide on catching Celebi, where we breakdown each step toward obtaining the special Pokemon.

After the Johto Festival has ended, players can look forward to another Community Day following shortly after in September. August's Community Day focused on the adorable Evee, but the next one will be all about Chikorita. The official announcement for the event came from Pokemon GO Live, where it was revealed the event would last only one day.

Players will need to make the most of the short time they are given to catch Chikorita, whose spawns will be increased. Luckily, they will also have the added benefits of 3-hour lures and 3x XP bonus on catches.

Pokemon GO is available now in select regions on Android and iOS devices.


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