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Now that Spider-Man has officially gone gold, there’s no doubt that plenty of gamers and Marvel fans alike are eagerly anticipating next month so that they can get get their hands on a copy of the forthcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive from Games. Speaking of the developer, its Creative Director Brian Intihar recently provided commentary about the production of the title over some brand new 4K gameplay footage that was released online today.

As seen in the footage below, Intihar reveals that the gameplay being shown is from the first couple hours of Spider-Man, and the Wall Crawler has been saddled with the task of defeating the Inner Demons by way of stealth. A lot of the ways in which Spidey takes down the bad guys during this particular mission is reminiscent of the covert combat found in Rocksteady Studios’ Batman Arkham series, but instead of Batarangs and explosive charges, the Marvel hero utilizes his Web Shooters to distract enemies on patrol, string them up, and even knock them out with objects in the environment.

Another interesting detail discussed by Intihar is how Insomniac Games was able to inject more back story into Spider-Man‘s world by placing a bunch of Peter Parker‘s old backpacks all around New York City’s rooftops, as the bags contain items that the Marvel hero will talk about while the game is paused. This little touch added to the title acts as a segue for the conversation to shift toward traversal, with the Creative Director explaining how style and fluidity play an important role in being Spider-Man. With this being the case, players don’t ever have to stop moving while exploring NYC should they choose not to, while Web Swinging will make movement even more fun by adding acrobatic stunts to pull off that reward small XP boosts.

Intihar also does a deep dive into Spider-Man‘s combat details, explaining how Insomniac wanted to make the character versatile during battle, by allowing him to improvise his next action on the fly, be it through hand-to-hand fighting, aerial acrobatics, the use of environmental hazards, and more. What will likely please fans the most, though, is the Creative Director’s confirmation that since Peter Parker has been working as Spider-Man for about eight years in the story, his Friendly Neighborhood abilities right out of the gate will be formidable to say the least. This will certainly be helpful, as Intihar states that the game will have “a lot of different enemy types” depending on the villain Spidey’s facing.

The fresh footage wraps up with a snippet of the boss battle between Spider-Man and Wilson “Kingpin” Fisk, and concludes with a fantastic-looking cinematic of Peter Parker and Aunt May working at one of Martin “Mister Negative” Li’s shelters, which acts as the icing on top of all the high quality gameplay shown off in the clip. Taking the entire video into account, it’s no wonder why so many gamers consider Spider-Man to be one of the most highly anticipated titles for 2018.

Spider-Man officially swings onto store shelves on September 7, 2018 for PlayStation 4.

Source: PlayStation Access – YouTube

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