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Bethesda showed an awesome new gameplay video for Rage 2 during QuakeCon 2018. The video titled “Eden Assault”, shows a nice vertical slice of several gameplay elements, including a mission, vehicular combat and of course, lots of first-person shooting.

QuakeCon 2018 is shaping up to be one of the biggest gaming events not only for attendees of the annual convention but gamers all around the world. We already reported on the incredible gameplay reveal for the new Doom Eternal, which keeps the brutal FPS combat while expanding it greatly with a grappling hook. Make sure to check out Doom Eternal’s gameplay video in our article.

But it wasn’t only the big guns of Doomguy which let shooter fans erupt in joy. Rage 2 also received a brand-new gameplay video. The rather lengthy video of 2011’s open-world FPS sequel, shows the key pillars of gameplay: First-Person Action, Vehicular Combat and Story Missions.

Since the unveiling of Rage 2 in May earlier this year, we got to learn that Rage 2 is rather different in tone than its predecessor. The first Rage, while featuring very similar gameplay, was a serious and dark game with a bleak world devoid of any “fun”. Rage 2 not only looks more colorful, it just feels more fun which looks to be the perfect ingredient missing in the original.

The changes to Rage 2 make a lot more sense when we remind ourselves that id Software has teamed up with Avalanche Studios. Avalanche, best known for their own open-world action games Just Cause and Mad Max, are looking to put their expertise in creating visceral and fun action gameplay into Rage’s already great first-person gunplay.

A match made in heaven, as  masters of first-person shooting, id Software is doing a great job with that portion of Rage 2, while Avalanche’s influence into the vehicular combat is very obvious. Best of two worlds in this case.

Rage 2 is releasing Spring 2019 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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