New Zealand Makes Hearthstone Global Games Top 8

New , after just falling short last year, has pipped Singapore in its last round of 16 match to enter the top eight of the  Global Games. This means it’s made the finals, which will be played out at BlizzCon in early November.

It’s an amazing effort by the NZ team — consisting of players Mage, JakAttack, Pathra and TINGT0NG — fighting through five gruelling rounds of Swiss, and facing off against top sides including Sweden and Chinese Taipei (of which last year’s Hearthstone champion, tom60229, is a member).

You can watch the full match in the top or, if you just want to see the winning moment, check out the clip below.

Congrats to New Zealand. It’s a shame Australia can’t join you, but at least one of us is representing on the big stage!

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