Next Xbox More Powerful than PS5, Confirms Second Source

After PlayStation 5 architect Cerny officially confirmed the console’s existence and teased its specs, journalist Ainsley Bowden, citing multiple industry insiders, confirmed that the next-generation would be even more than the . Microsoft has yet to actually announce the next-generation Xbox console, and so we still can’t say for sure that it will be more powerful than the , but another source backs up Bowden’s claim.
This news comes from Klobrille, an industry insider and ResetEra user known for accurately leaking Microsoft news in the past. Klobrille didn’t elaborate on exactly how much more powerful the next Xbox will be when compared to the PS5, but he did apparently provide some proof of his claim to ResetEra administrator Nibel.

More specifically, Klobrille claims that the next-gen Xbox codenamed Anaconda will be more powerful than the PS5, and that distinction may be important. It’s rumored that Microsoft may be releasing as many as three versions of the next-generation Xbox, and so it’s possible that not all versions of the next-gen Xbox will have more power than the PS5.

If anyone thinks the Xbox Anaconda won’t be more powerful here’s a brief exchange from a Microsoft Insider on resetera.

— Mr..Keema (@KeemaMr) April 16, 2019

Xbox Anaconda is rumored to be the most powerful next-gen Xbox, comparable to the Xbox One X in the current-generation of gaming hardware. Xbox Lockhart, meanwhile, is said to be a cheaper device that will offer less power, but will still be able to play all of the same as the Anaconda. There’s also talk of a digital-only next-gen Xbox that will be released at a budget price, but again, none of this has been officially announced by Microsoft.

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Luckily, clarity on the next-generation of Xbox consoles should be right around the corner. Microsoft is going big at E3 2019 in June, and many are expecting it to pull the curtain back on its next-generation consoles at the event. It’s possible that we may even get our first glimpse at next-gen games at Microsoft’s E3 2019 press conference.

Unfortunately, since Sony is skipping E3 2019, we wouldn’t be able to compare the next-gen Xbox to the PS5 even if Microsoft does reveal it. However, once both the next Xbox and PS5 have been shown to the public, we should know definitively which console offers more power for consumers.

Next Xbox More Powerful than PS5, Confirms Second Source 1

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