Nimble Neuron To Return With Mobile Game ‘Nano Legends’

South Korean game developer Nimble Neuron has announced its preparations for launching its latest , “Nano Legends,” set for global release on iOS on Mar. 30.

On Mar. 25, Nimble Neuron released a press statement announcing its latest game. It shares that the upcoming “Nano Legends” is based on its former game “MINImax Tinyverse,” which will make it familiar to the previous game’s established player base. Gamers from around the world will get to enjoy “competitive, fast-paced, and thrilling PvP battles” as they work their way up the ranked ladder.

Players can also enjoy various game modes – Adventures, PvE mode, and more – to allow for different gameplay experiences and strategies that focus on the lore and backstories surrounding the Champion, giving you unprecedented knowledge you play with them through the game contents.

‘Nano Legends’

The newest Nimble Neuron game, “Nano Legends,” is a 3D Tower Rush Champion Brawl whose story revolves around an antique shop where a witch called for the past millennium Alilai has collected various priceless antiques. These antiques hold within them the titular Nanos – small characters brought forth by Alilai herself – players use in-game. The players then take the role of “Gigas” and actively guide these Nanos in the endless war against others of their kind.

In this unique tower rush game, the Gigas are tasked with deploying their “troopers,” casting “miracles,” and the most important task of all, controlling their “Champion” – all with a touch and swipe of their fingertips. In the game, players can pick characters up, place (or throw) them wherever they want on the map, and click on them to make them cast their own skills. The endless combination of skills and strengths will require the Gigas to use their big brain moves to blow their opponents away.

“The Champions are what makes our game so unique. Unlike other Tower Rush games, in Nano Legends, you actively control your Champion in battle. It’s more than a game of chess,” explains Nano Legends director Seonghun Song. “They all are very unique and have awesome interactions with each other [troopers, towers, and miracles], which puts strategy at the center of our game. You can even customize them with cool skins and accessories!”

Nimble Neuron adds that the game is the “perfect marriage” of classic games Fire Emblem – for its groundbreaking character social interaction system – and Clash Royale with its competitive gameplay that requires careful planning and balance. With Nano Legends, players will have to understand and strategize using various characters in order to bring the best of them – creating more fun and challenging experience.

Upon its release on iOS devices, Nano Legends will feature 13 champions, 49 troopers, 8 towers, and 23 miracles – with more immediately on the way for its first update scheduled for mid-April.

Watch the game trailer for Nano Legends below:

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