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We’ve seen some weird commercials in our time, but nothing quite like this new collaboration between Nissin Foods — yes, that Nissin Foods, who makes the delicious noodles — and Attack on Titan. In this strange clip, the Scout Regiment has decided to start hunting for a more delicious version of the Titans that roam the countryside in favor of something more appetizing. You know what kind? Of course, you do. Ramen titans, made out of instant cup noodles.

Footage of Attack on Titan is switched up to include steaming pots of boiling water, forks instead of the omnidirectional mobility gear the Attack on Titan crew wear, and a ton of delicious noodles instead of Titans. Well, actually, the Titans are still in the commercial, but they’re wearing Cup Noodles on their heads, their abdomens are made of the snack, and our favorite characters look more than a little silly interacting with them. I’m not quite sure what’s going on here, but these titans have suddenly gone inside for the flavor of Nissin Cup Noodles, especially those big-headed, big-eyed weird ones that look like something out of a nightmare.

The commercial was actually made to promote the new flavor, which is a smoky chili soy sauce version, but the commercial doesn’t really make me want to go grab a cup noodle and gobble it up. No, instead, I’m a little repulsed and would rather order out because I don’t want to think of these weird, awful Titans coming to take it all from me — is this what they eat instead of people? They don’t even need to eat, what are they doing?

Whether it makes sense or not to you, you can check out the commercial above, though I’m not so sure it worked as it was intended. I could go for watching some anime, though.

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