Nvidia hypes up new games implementing DLSS with Unreal Engine plugin

Nvidia’s deep-learning supersampling (DLSS) tech feels like magic. It makes 4K run like they’re rendering at 1080p. But it obviously isn’t magic, because not every game supports it. Developers need to integrate DLSS manually, and that has prevented universal adoption. Nvidia is working to address that, however, and it’s highlighting two games that represent its efforts.

Narrative exploration game The Fabled Woods, from developer CyberPunch Studios, is getting DLSS as well as RTX-powered ray tracing. You can also see DLSS in the works in the new demo for System Shock from Night Dive Studios.

In both of these cases, the developers added DLSS to their projects using the plugin for the development toolkit. For The Fabled Woods specifically, the studio claims it got the tech up and running in just a single day.

“Adding Nvidia DLSS to The Fabled Woods was easy thanks to the Unreal 4 plugin, and the impact it makes on performance is substantial,” CyberPunch Studios founder Joe Bauer said. “With the Unreal Engine 4 plugin, adding DLSS to The Fabled Woods was a no-brainer, it really opens DLSS up to a whole new world of developers.”

This idea of the Unreal Engine DLSS plugin is to simplify the process of implementing the tech. And Nvidia claims this is working.

“The Unreal Engine 4 plugin makes light work of adding Nvidia DLSS to your game, in fact we dropped it in over the weekend,” Night Dive Studios lead engineer Matthew Kenneally said. “Bringing System Shock to a new generation of gamers has been a labor of love for our team, and the impact Nvidia DLSS will have on the player’s experience is undeniable.”

Now, if only we could find an RTX-capable video card to actually buy.

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